Antojitos Méxicanos

Fri and/or Sat

7:30ish - 11:00 or Sold Out

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We love Mexican food in all its variations on both sides of the border, but we have always found that many of the elements that make the humble establishments of México so special were lacking in the food back home. 

We have set out to create an operation that captures some of these elusive elements.  Our goal is to transport the customer back to the doña's kitchen in México where she was making handmade tortillas or that dusty street stand where simple delicious food is eaten while standing.  We strive to offer techniques not rooted in fine dining, but rather in the home kitchens and streets of México.  

We are not so concerned with the scope of our offerings , but rather with executing a few items to a level that would make our friends and family in México proud.  The quality of the tortilla is the foundation that all antojitos are built on and the first thing we think of when creating menu items.



We believe that Antojitos SHOULD be:

  • Respectful of their rich history and tradition
  • Be eaten standing
  • Casual, quick and of value to the customer
  • Done the right way even if it means it takes longer and costs a little more
  • Spicy
  • Use handmade and made-to-order tortillas
  • Cooked with mesquite and lard when appropriate
  • Served from an open kitchen that requires interaction with the cooks
  • Served in a fun, communal and interactive setting 

 and NEVER be :

  • Served by a waiter 
  • Served on fancy plates
  • Dressed up as fine-dining
  • Include chips & salsa
  • Made with pre-made tortillas, steam-pressed tortillas or Maseca